Preparation of Bills of Quantities and Lump Sum BQ in single and multiple column formats, complete with library, direct taking off, Worksheets – 2 Dims, Formula, 36 and Rebar in direct or Formula methods, simple pricing or comprehensive pricing complete with Resources and Master Rate features and printout.
BinaLink CAD Measure with taking off capabilities from CAD drawings by automated or manual measurement methods for Plan Area, Perimeter, Vertical Area , Vertical Partition and Lineal Measurement.

All datas are linked up to BinaLink CAD Worksheets on Network environment . Package includes 1 copy of License Standard CADian Software

Fully Windows based Tendering System with Image/OCR Scanning and Printing function, OCR and Image Linked Pricing, Central Library, Comprehensive Pricing functions, Total Resources Report, Tender Reconciliation and Budget Control.

Tender Comparison Module with rates and quantities comparison report ; Bill by Bill summary ; comparison report ; lowest cost and quantities comparison report.

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